DHI vs FUE Hair Transplant

DHI and FUE Hair Transplant are two different hair transplantation methods that give successful results

FUE Hair Transplantation method is the most common method among the techniques. DHI Hair Transplantation is a method that has been used since 2019 with the development of CHOI pens.

Both give very successful results with a team of experts.

The most important difference between these two hair transplantation methods; In the FUE method, you need to shave the hair completely and in the DHI method, hair transplantation can be done without shaving all the hair.

In FUE hair transplantation, the grafts extracted are transplanted to be placed into the micro-channels opened in the new recipient transplant area.

In the DHI method, micro-channels are not opened in the bald area. The grafts which is inserted in CHOI pens developed for hair transplantation are injected directly into the new recipient transplant area.

This difference is the reason of the preference with the advantages and the disadvantages of the techniques.

There is an advantage of hair transplantation in the DHI method for allowing to have a transplant without shaving, but receiving a high number of hair transplantation is not possible with that technique. Maximum 3500 grafts of hair can be transplanted in one session. Since the micro-channels are not opened in the bald area, the recovery time is faster, it heals in about 15 days. It is an important option and would be the right choice for the people who complain from the thinning hair, who want to restore the hairline area, and for women.

In the FUE method, the maximum number of hair can be transplanted. The most important reason for preference is that after shaving, it allows to transplant up to 6000 grafts can in one session based on the situation of the donor area. The recovery period is approximately 1 month, after 1 month the redness also will heal.

If more than 3000 grafts are needed for your transplant, we strongly recommend that you choose the FUE method. If you need around 3000 grafts for your transplant or if you need only to add density between hair, the DHI method is ideal for you.

The condition of your hair and the graft number needed for the operation should be the determinative factors in your choice. We recommend that you pay attention to the analysis and suggestion of the expert in this regard.

If you haven’t come to the decisions yet, you can send your questions to us. Our experts will gladly assist you.

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