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Hair Transplant
Hair Transplant
FUE Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplant

With the hair transplantation, you can regain the hair you lose and achieve a strong image.
FUE Hair Transplant gives results after 6 months and achieves successful results in 1 year.

DHI Hair Transplant Without Shaving

DHI Hair Transplant

With the DHI Hair Transplant Method, you can have a hair transplant without shaving completely your hair and after only 6 months, you can regain the hair that you miss and achieve the strong image you dreamed of.

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

With Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant, we make more intense and stronger hair transplantation. The sapphire tip specially developed for hair transplantation provides successful hair transplantation results.

Beard Transplant

Beard Transplant

By having a beard transplant, you can achieve the thick beard look you desire and the strong image you dream of.
Our expert team is here to give you a strong image.

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Positive Effects Of Hair Transplant In Your Life

Hair loss is a common problem for thousands of people that affects both men and women. Although it is stated that the most common reason of hair loss is genetic factors, the factors such as hormonal imbalances, malnutrition or stress also trigger hair loss. In some cases, hair loss may also occur in the eyebrow, mustache and beard area. Hair transplantation operations have undergone a great change over the years.

As a result, it has evolved from a hair transplant procedure that results with an unnatural appearance and everyone to understand that you have had a hair transplant, into a minimally invasive and almost painless operation performed with great care.

In Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplantation technique, hair follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area with the micromotor and punches. Since it is a hair transplantation method performed meticulously, you can achieve perfect results that can change your life.

Look Better
Hair loss is a problem that affects appearance a lot . It is a condition that can affect how a person think about himself and how others see him. Hair loss can make you look older than you are. Patchy hair loss can create a neglected appearance and you feel uncomfortably with this image.

A hair transplant can make your appearance more charming. When you look at the mirror every day, your external beauty would make you happy. You can also achieve a much younger and more attractive appearance thanks to a hair transplant operation.

Increase Your Confidence

When you don’t feel attractive yourself, your self-confidence will also be affected negatively. Meeting friends or meeting new people can start to be a bother for us because of this insecurity. 

You may find yourself not enjoying the life like you used to do once. Even though it seems like it is not related to the hair problem, this dissatisfaction can be caused by the low self-esteem related to the hair loss. Additionally, your lack of self-confidence can even negatively affect your job performance with the thought that you will not be accepted when expressing your ideas. To sum up, when you look good, you feel good too; and a hair transplant can increase your self-confidence by making you look nicer. It can even raise your self-confidence to higher levels that previously seemed impossible.

Get a Natural Look

Hair transplant procedures performed today have been extremely evolved compared to the hair transplant operations performed in the 70s and 80s. The old hair transplant procedures have been resulted with the unnatural appearance. Since the hair follicles are carefully extracted and collected one by one in the FUE technique, you can achieve the perfect hair with a natural look and a smooth transition in the front hairline. No one will be able to understand that you have had a hair transplant; they will only notice your good-looking facial features.

Permanent Results 

Hair transplantation is a method that offers a permanent solution to hair loss. It is known that hair follicles extracted from the donor area are genetically resistant to hair loss. In the donor area is not usually observed shedding due to male pattern hair loss or other genetic factors. The newly transplanted hair in the recipient area continues to maintain its resistance for shedding and genetic structure. This means that; you will be able to have thick hair (eyebrows, beard or mustache) for the rest of your life.

Style Your Hair

If your hair is getting thinner or your hair shed, your styling for the hair may be a little limited. Having more hair for both men and women means that they can try different styles with their hair. The number of models to try is almost unlimited. You can grow your hair long, cut it short, tie it or leave it.  When you go for a run, work or a special invitation, you can do the most ideal hairstyle according to the environment you will go to.

Strengthen Your Presence in Social Media 

Nowadays, everything is done online via the internet. Connecting with family members and friends or meeting new people, even your portfolio or company website is featured on social platforms.  On any of these platforms, you probably have a photo of your current look. If your hair is thin or shed, it can affect the impression over the people, whether they can be a potential lover, employer or a client, who looks at your photo. 

You can even leave a negative impression on your friends. While your appearance will improve after a hair transplant, your social media presence will also be affected positively. 

Progress in Your Business Life

 Looking older than you are can negatively affect your progress in your business and career, or your job application process if you are looking for a new position. When you go for a job appointment, your old appearance may leave the impression that you will not be working for a very long time, and they may hesitate to invest in you. On any of the social platforms for the business, you probably have a photo of your current look. Having thin hair or hair loss can give a negative impact on the impression you give to someone looking at your profile.

These qualities can get you noticed in the business environment or help you stand out in a job interview or get hired.

If you want to have the strong hair you dream of, don’t let the cost of hair transplantation upset you.

With the developing technology and the proliferation of hair transplant specialists, the cost of hair transplantation has become very affordable.

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