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It is possible to get the hair you dream of.
After only 6 months you will have great hair and you will need a good barber.

Hair Transplant

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We make aesthetic interventions that people will feel good about themselves. We provide you with the image you dream of with hair and beard transplantation

Hair Transplant

Have a Strong Beard and Mustache

It is possible to get a bushy and strong beard and mustache. You can get great looking beards with beard transplantation. Our expert team is working for you.


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Is Possible

You can get the strong hair you miss with hair transplant.

We make aesthetic interventions that people will feel good about themselves.

Hair Transplant Result Hair Transplant Result

With the Best Service

As Regal Clinic, we bring you back to your wonderful hair that you miss. We work for the best hair transplant result with our experienced team and high standards of clinical environment.

You are our guest during your stay in Istanbul. We meet all your needs such as accommodation, transports and provide 24-hour uninterrupted communication.

We are with you for great hair and a great experience...

Free Consultation
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Our experts are here for you. You can get information from our experts by sending your photos or questions.

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Strong hair has a positive effect on your daily life.

The hair transplant operation, which takes about 7 hours and gives results in 6 months, gives you self-confidence.

With our 12 years of experience, we work for the best result.

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Hair Transplant

With the hair transplantation, you can regain the hair you lose and achieve a strong image. FUE Hair Transplant gives results after 6 months and achieves successful results in 1 year.

Beard Transplant

Beard Transplant

You can have a strong beard and image with beard transplantation.

DHI Hair Transplant

DHI Hair Transplant

With DHI Hair Transplant, you can have a hair transplant without shaving.

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You are the guests of Regal Clinic. In the dream city of Istanbul, a great team provides the best service for you.

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Asked Questions

Yes, hair transplantation is permanent. The grafts used in hair transplantation are taken from the nape and above the ear. The hair follicles here do not fall out due to their genetic characteristics.

Experienced hair transplant team + sufficient donor + post-operative care = wonderful change… Hair transplantation operation largely depends on the experience of the team performing the operation. With a sufficient number of donors, an experienced team can provide you with an incredible change. You should not neglect the instructions and care given to you after the operation. This process is also an important factor for the result. Our experts will be in contact with you during this process and will provide the necessary support.

You can see the development starting from the third month, it will be evident in the 6th month and you will see the final result at the end of the first year. Note; In the first 3 months, the transplanted hair falls out and grows back naturally and strongly. Do not panic in this process, our experts are here for you in every subject.

You will never feel pain with the soft anesthesia we apply during the operation. After the operation, there is no pain in the transplanted area, but there may be itching due to healing, just follow the instructions we give you. There may be mild pain in the nape of the neck, which is the donor area, in the first 10 days, but this is not a pain that leaves you in a difficult situation. For this, you should use the painkillers we give you by following the instructions.

You can continue your daily activities and work 2-3 days after hair transplant operation is done. Please consider that the crustacean appearance in the region where it is sown will continue for 12-15 days.


" First of all, your health. Hair transplantation is an aesthetic operation that will make you feel good. "

For this reason
If you have had a serious illness, share it with our specialists.

If it will not be a problem, we can transplant your hair. If not, this is not a problem, you are already great enough.

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