As Regal Clinic, we are a medical company with hair transplant and dental health clinics based in Istanbul / Turkey.

You can get hair transplant service from us to get the strong hair you dream of or you can get dental service for a bright smile and healthy teeth.

We provide you the best service with our expert team and high standard clinics.

About Us

As Regal Clinic, we are a medical clinic providing hair transplant services in Istanbul.

If you are considering hair and beard transplantation in Istanbul Turkey, we will be happy to serve you...

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Our Services

Whatsapp / Phone +90 534 233 37 17

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🌕︎ Acibadem Mah. Mustafa Bey Sk. No:12/3 Kadikoy, Istanbul, TURKEY

® Regal Hair Transplant Clinic ◦ Based Istanbul Turkey
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