Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Transplantation

» Why Micro Grafting FUE?
Micro FUE method is the process of removing the hair follicles from the hairy skin and the hairy areas of the body in the form of follicular units with micromotor with very fine special punch bits (0,6-0,8mm), without the incision. The grafts obtained are placed in the hairless areas. Micro FUE method can be used to give the hair a right direction and natural appearance.

FUE method has become the most preferred method because of the patient’s comfort and the successful results. We have extensive experience in the implementation of this method and we are very proud of our ability to provide our patients from all over the world with natural and intense looking hair.

» What is the successful method of hair transplant
Micro FUE Hair Transplant and DHI Hair Transplant are successfully proven by the hair transplantation methods. After the FUE technique, an advanced new FUE Sapphire blades for hair transplanting has become popular and more high successful results

» When can I see the result of the hair transplantation operation?
After 2 months your hair will start to grow and between 4 and 6 months will accelerate and at the end of the sixth month, you will see about half of the end result. You can see the end result within 6 and 12 months.

» Do you feel pain during hair transplantation operation?
No, because they are under local anesthesia, patients do not feel pain during the operation.

» How long does hair transplantation last?
Hair transplantation operations last approximately 6 hours depending on the plan of sowing.

» How long does it take untill completely recover after hair transplantation?
With the micro FUE method, a rapid recovery process is observed after hair transplantation.
Post-operative, scaling and red tiny spots are observed in the donor area. After 15 days, all shells are shed in both areas will look normal.

» When can I start working after the hair transplant operation?
You can continue your daily activities and work 2-3 days after hair transplant operation is done. Please consider that the crustacean appearance in the region where it is sown will continue for 12-15 days.

» When can I start exercising after hair transplant operation?
Please read the post-operation instructions carefully from our page. Briefly, you should not have any physical activity that will cause you sweating for 15 days. Sport such as basketball, volleyball, tennis, swimming should be given a 1-month break.

» What should I do if I feel itching after hair transplant?
If you feel itching, You can use the doctor’s recommended painkillers.

» Do I need to use minoxidil after hair transplantation operation?
After the operation, the doctor informs you about the treatments you can take. If you are going to use minoxidil, it is recommended that you start after the shells are completely spilled and the tissue is healed.

» After hair transplant operation, I see tiny pimples in the transplanted area , what should I do?
In the first 2-3 months after hair transplantation, small lesions similar to acne can be seen within the first few months. Do not interfere with these lesions . If the lesions make you feel uncomfortable, please contact us about what to do.

» What should I do if I feel pain after the hair transplantation?
You may feel a slight pain after the hair transplant operation, you can use the painkillers recommended by the doctor.

» Before the operation of hair transplantation should I interrupt the drugs I use regularly?
First of all, you should inform your doctor about your hair transplant operation and after taking approval to discontinue your use of medication, you should stop taking the use of blood thinners such as Aspirin 3 days before the operation. Before the hair transplantation operation, you should inform us about your current health condition and the medications you use.

» Can I smoke before or after the hair transplant operation?
Smoking may affect the development of the sown area due to the negative effect on the veins. For this reason, we recommend that you do not smoke in the acute one-week period before and after the operation.

» Should I stop using alcohol prior to hair transplantation?
You should stop taking alcohol or drugs at least one day before the operation, because the medications used during hair transplantation (local anesthetics) may not react properly.
You should not use alcohol during the period of using antibiotics after the operation.

» What are the mechanisms of the hair treatment Mesotherapy?
Mixture made with these substances regulate keratin production by stimulating the development and renewal of hair by acting on the level of dermal papilla.

The vasodilator substances in the mixture provides a functional microcirculation and increase the blood supply to the hair follicles. In this way, the hair will revive and thicken and will shine.

Vitamins and elements in the mixture stop the hair loss; they regulate fat secretion and reduce dandruff formation.
They also contribute to their antioxidant properties.

» What is Shock Hair Loss?
Expression of Shock Hair Loss is used to express the period of hair loss. Within the first 2 months. After this period, permanent hair starts to grow.

» Where is the best clinics for hair transplant ?
An experienced experts, staff and a clinic infrastructure are very important.
The hair transplant in Turkey becomes very popular in the last years with many clinical choices . For those who want to make a hair transplant , they can also enjoy the city’s wonderful, limitless places for shopping and having fun . So do not hesitate to come to Istanbul hair transplant, It is the right location for you .

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