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Great change is possible; you can have natural and strong hair with hair transplant.

Your hair may fall out due to vital and genetic factors, but this is not a permanent problem.

With our experienced team and high standard clinic, we give you the strong hair you miss.

In our hair transplant clinic operating in Istanbul, Turkey; we are happy to serve you and help you get the hair you miss and the image you dream of. You can get an idea about our success by looking at our operation results.

Hair Transplant Operation

Hair transplantation is performed by placing healthy hair follicles taken from the nape and upper ear areas on the bald area. The hair on the nape of the neck and above the ears is used as a donor area because it does not fall out due to its genetic characteristics. These hair follicles grow healthy and strong where they are transplanted.

It is performed in four stages, each with different importance. Success in hair transplantation is proportional to the experience and competence of the transplant team. Each stage of this operation, which is completely manual labor, is carried out by the expert of the stage.

  • Analysis
  • Health Tests and Anesthesia
  • Donor Recruitment
  • Opening of Micro-Channels
  • Placement of Grafts
  • Dressing


The specialist looks at the bald area and donor area and decides on the number of grafts needed and the suitability of the donor area. He draws the starting line of the area to be transplanted in accordance with your natural hairline and draws the boundaries of the area to be transplanted. This analysis is performed 2 times before and 2 times after shaving. This repetition is important for the most natural look. After your hair is shaved, the donor is taken according to the decisions taken.

Health Tests and Anesthesia

A blood sample is taken from your finger and analyzed for Hepatitis B-C and other diseases. As Regal Clinic, we ask our customers about their disease status before they come; our priority is your health. Please tell us if you have undergone a serious operation or if you have an ongoing illness or medication that you are constantly taking. To protect our team and other patients, we do not perform procedures on Hepatitis B-C patients (we are sorry for this, but health is important).

Anesthesia is performed after the results of the tests. With anesthesia, the whole operation will be completely painless.

Donor Recruitment

Depending on the number of hair follicles (grafts) to be transplanted, the grafts are collected from a large area with a micro motor. The important point here is to harvest in a way that does not disturb the natural appearance of your neck. If your neck is not sufficient as a donor, a donor is taken from under the chin as a beard. Only hair and beard can be used as donors. Chest or shoulder hair is never used. These grafts are separated, counted and sterilized by the expert team with a hygienic system. In this process, another specialist opens the micro channels.

Opening Micro Ducts

The most important stage in the success rate of the transplanted hair and the natural appearance of the hair and forehead line is the micro channels. This process is done by the chief of the team. Micro channels are opened as much as the collected hair follicles (no channel is opened in DHI Hair Transplant method, see DHI Method). As Regal Clinic, we use Sapphire Tip in this process. This is an effective material for more frequent hair transplantation and healing time of the transplanted area.

Placement of Grafts

The collected and sterilized hair follicles are placed in micro channels. This is quite difficult and the longest stage of the operation. There are 2 important factors for this procedure to be successful; experience and time. We usually perform this procedure with 3, at least 2 specialists. This speeds up the return of the grafts to their natural area and affects their healthy existence and strong growth.


And it’s over. The process ends with the complete placement of the grafts. The pre-operative anesthesia is terminated, the dressing is applied after the necessary controls and the donor area is covered with a medical bandage. This process is repeated the next day.

Process of Hair Transplantation

First of all, please research well; have a successful team transplant…
Hair transplantation operation involves many important factors in all stages and should be performed by an experienced team under clinical conditions with medical qualifications.

As Regal, we are a boutique hair transplant clinic. With our experienced team, we work for fewer customers but more successful hair transplant operations.

Care After Hair Transplant

The 2 stages after the operation are important factors in the success of the hair transplant result.

First 10 Days

The first 10 days are very important. The day after the operation, our team will pick you up from the hotel and bring you for check-up and dressing. Necessary checks are made, dressings are applied and rough medical bandages are removed. You will be informed about the care process and you will be given medical care products. After this procedure, you can continue your normal life.

During this period, you should never touch your hair and the transplanted area should be protected from external factors. At the end of the 10-day period, the micro channels heal and the hair follicles complete their placement. On the 11th day, you should clean your hair thoroughly with the shampoo given to you by massaging your hair very gently with your fingers. After the 12th-13th day, your head will be clean and the prominence of the operation will disappear.

The Evolution Of Hair Transplant

The transplanted hair follicles fall out within the first 3 months. Some fall out early and some late, but by the end of the 3rd month, all of them will have fallen out. The lost hair grows back naturally and strongly. You should not be anxious about hair loss in this process, this is a natural process.
Things you should pay attention to during the development process

  • You should not do heavy sports
  • If you use tobacco products, it is beneficial to reduce them
  • You should not go into pools or water containing chemicals.
  • You should not go to the sea
  • When shaving, never use a razor for the cultivated area. Your barber should only shave gently with scissors.
  • We recommend using baby shampoo for the first year.

And the Result

By the end of the sixth month, the hair has completed its development and significant change begins. After that, the hair will become more thick and strong, and the final result will be completed in the next 6 months.

Hair Transplant Methods

There are developments in hair transplantation methods with medical developments and the development of specialists. The current development in this field is DHI (Direct Hair Implant) Hair Transplant. In the past, the FUT method was used, but since 2010, the FUE method has become widespread. The FUE method allowed the donor area to remain more natural. DHI Hair Transplant is the latest method that allows unshaven hair transplantation.

Which method will be used during hair transplantation is based on the needs after the expert’s analysis. Let’s briefly mention these methods;

FUE Hair Transplant

All processes are the same with FUE Hair Transplant. The difference is that the material used for channel opening is Sapphire tip. The advantage of this method is more frequent transplantation and faster healing of the transplanted area. See details…

DHI Hair Transplant Without Shaving

DHI Hair Transplant, which allows unshaven hair transplantation, is a recently developed method. In this method, which is performed only with local shaving of the donor area, the entire head is performed by direct graft injection into the transplantation area without shaving. A maximum of 3500 grafts can be transplanted in one session. See details…

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

All processes are the same with FUE Hair Transplant. The difference is that the material used for channel opening is Sapphire tip. The advantage of this method is more frequent transplantation and faster healing of the transplanted area. See details…

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Transplant

Is Hair Transplantation Permanent?
Yes, hair transplantation is permanent. The grafts used in hair transplantation are taken from the nape and above the ear. The hair follicles here do not fall out due to their genetic characteristics.

What are the most important factors for successful hair transplantation?
Experienced hair transplant team + sufficient donor + post-operative care = wonderful change… Hair transplantation operation largely depends on the experience of the team performing the operation. With a sufficient number of donors, an experienced team can provide you with an incredible change. You should not neglect the instructions and care given to you after the operation. This process is also an important factor for the result. Our experts will be in contact with you during this process and will provide the necessary support.

How long will I see the result?
You can see the development starting from the third month, it will be evident in the 6th month and you will see the final result at the end of the first year. Note; In the first 3 months, the transplanted hair falls out and grows back naturally and strongly. Do not panic in this process, our experts are here for you in every subject.

Is there any pain during and after the operation?
You will never feel pain with the soft anesthesia we apply during the operation. After the operation, there is no pain in the transplanted area, but there may be itching due to healing, just follow the instructions we give you. There may be mild pain in the nape of the neck, which is the donor area, in the first 10 days, but this is not a pain that leaves you in a difficult situation. For this, you should use the painkillers we give you by following the instructions.

You can find all the questions you wonder about Hair Transplantation here. Or you can get information from our team by contacting us.

As Regal Clinic, we are aware of the effect of hair transplantation on people; you want to have the hair you miss. We manage the whole process by considering the effect of this desire on happiness and feeling good in daily life. Our entire team does the best for a successful operation. We will be with you in the post-operative process and we will be waiting for the result together with you. It is our pleasure to serve you and make the change you desire possible. We are here for all your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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