Can I Wear a Hat After a Hair Transplant?

It is important to protect your hair after hair transplant operation. With a successful operation, taking good care of your head and hair after the operation and protecting it from adverse conditions will give you strong and healthy hair.

One of the most important questions is whether you can wear a hat after a hair transplant.

THE ANSWER IS NO. This is a very clear and strict NO, you cannot wear a hat for the first 10 days. This is an important question and we give our strictest no.

Of course, we know that your head and hair may look bad during the initial process, but this is a normal appearance and you should not be afraid of it. It is only a 10 day process. Contrary to popular belief, the hat will not protect your head. No matter how careful you are, there is a high probability that you will press the hat with a momentary absent-mindedness, turn it or forget that you have a hair transplant with the psychology of the hat and touch your head somewhere. In addition, the hat has the possibility to change the direction of the transplanted hair follicles, remove them and crush them.

We can explain it like this: hair transplant is an operation that you have done once in your life, or twice if you are very bald. It is not a meal so you can compensate for a bad lunch with a great meal in the evening. You should only tolerate 10 days of bad head appearance after an operation that will give you the strong hair you miss and make you feel good. Many clinics can make concessions in this regard, but our strict recommendation is not to wear a hat for the first 10 days.

Let’s take note of 3 sensitive processes after the operation.
The first 3 days are very important. You should get plenty of rest. You will stay in the clinic for about 7 hours and come back the next day to get dressed.

The second important calendar is the first 10 days, in which the transplanted hair follicles complete their settlement and harmony. Your head will be scabbed during this process. During the first 10 days, do not touch the transplanted area. After 10 days, the micro wounds have healed and you wash your hair with the shampoo we give you. You rub it with your hand as if you were massaging a newborn baby’s head, with precision, and pour off the crusts that have formed. After this procedure, your head will be clean and look normal. Some sensitive skin may be slightly red, but this is normal and does not look bad.

The last critical period is the first 3 months. During the first month of this period you should not do any heavy exercise or lift anything heavy. After the first month you can do light exercise and lift normal weights. In addition, during the first 3 months you should not go into chemical pools, etc. After the first month you can go to the sea.

This is a question we are often asked, but some of our friends do not listen to us and wear hats and we get bad results. We are always with you, we revise the bad results, but this can bring you a tiring new process. So please do not wear a hat during the first period.

After the first 10 days you can wear a wide hat that does not put pressure on your hair. Again, be careful not to damage your hair by rubbing your head too much or putting pressure on your hair when putting on and taking off your hat.

We care about you. We are here to answer any questions you may have, so please do not hesitate to ask.

We are with you for great hair and a great experience...

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