Why You Should Prefer Ice Sapphire Hair Transplant

Those who face the problem of hair loss are often very much affected by it. However, there is a solution: Thanks to hair transplant, you can regain the hair you lost and the strong image you dream of.

With help of the developing techniques, hair transplantation gives very successful results.

Hair transplantation gives even more successful results with the sapphire blade used in the most common fue hair transplantation technique of today and preserving the grafts as ice cells during the transplantation.

The Fue technique is the transfer application of the hair follicles to be transplanted. Hair follicles extracted from the back of head and the above-ear area as the primary donor area are transferred to the bald area by openning micro-channels.

The ice cell and the sapphire blade are important here.

Thanks to the sapphire blade, the depth and width of the channels opened more properly. Therefore, the transplanted hair follicles settle better and are less affected by external factors. Also, since the sapphire blade leaves almost no scar, the healing period becomes quite shorter. In the operations performed with a sapphire blade, the wounds heal in 10 days.

The ice cell, on the other hand, ensures the protection of the hair follicles for the transplantation. Hair follicles extracted from the donor area remain in a sterile system during the operation which takes about 8 hours. When this ice cell system is applied, the grafts to be transplanted are not affected by external factors and maintain their vitality.

In the FUE technique, perfect results are achieved with the use of the ice cells and sapphire blades combined together.

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